Lifeograph for Android

Lifeograph for Android is available on Google Play now. Please use Google's official methods for installation.

Basic Usage Information

You can create new diaries or edit your existing diaries. Encrypted diaries are not supported yet, though. Lifeograph will create a directory called Diaries in your device's sdcard. You can copy your existing diaries there. All files in that directory will be listed at the startup for opening.

Comparison with the desktop version

  • Android version can open any file created by the desktop version. Unsupported information will be preserved on save.
  • Uses diary file version 1020 which is not supported by the latest desktop version. It will be supported by the upcoming 1.2 version.
  • Encrypted diaries are not supported
  • Trash is not supported
  • Check-/bulleted/numbered lists not supported in the entry editor
  • Themes are not supported
  • Tag categories are not supported
  • Only uses the current chapter category
  • Uses a slightly different nomenclature for chapters so that chapters and topics are called "dated chapters" and numbered chapters" respectively and there is a nwe type that is called "free chapter".
    • Desktop version will move to the same system in the 1.2 version.
  • There is no more a dedicated todo group chapter type as any chapter type can be assigned a to-do status now. To-do groups will be converted into free chapters.

Most of the missing functionality will be implemented in the future releases.

Source Code


  • I must say, this is fantastic! I have been wanting to use this on my tablet for some time… -Mehtuus (2012-08-02)
  • Will updates of the sofware be availables on f-droid market ? I don't want a google account. Whys do you claim at start that it is not for serious purposes ? Will it be usable in next months ? Thanks -Superman (2012-12-11)
    • Nothing is decided yet. Development of Android port will be resumed after 2013 Q2, hopefully. —Ahmet
    • It is on Google Play now. —Ahmet
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