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GPG encryption

What about encrypting diaries with GnuPG?

Lock Old Entries

I think it would be a good (optional) feature to block editing of entries more than a certain (possibly configurable?) number of days old unless the option is explicitly disabled. I.e. I have this option enabled. -> When I open an old entry, it is read-only. -> To edit the old entry, I have to turn off this option. -> Once I'm done editing, I can turn it back on (if I want).

I just think it'd be nice to have something preventing accidental modification of old entries when you're just going back and reading them.

This definitely makes sense. However what is still better is saving all edits to entries in the diary so that any unwanted edit can always be undone even after closing the program. Another approach more similar to yours is locking entire diary rather than single entries, in other words, a read-only mode. It is easier to implement and maintain than an entry level lock yet very useful.

Enable Export into known formats

Can you enable export of diary into known formats, such as HTML, Latex, Plain tex, etc.?

This will be added later when a plug-in system is implemented.

Plug-in System

When is it expected to have a plugin system in place? Is there a roadmap or a potential timeline?

It is postponed to after 1.0 milestone. no timeline. sorry :(

Hotkey for easy editing

Could you add a hotkey feature that brings the editor into the foreground? For example, I am browsing the web and realize that I want to add some thoughts to my journal. Instead of having to load the application, it would be nice to press a key combination (e.g., Ctrl+Alt+J) that brings the editor in the foreground and allows immediate editing.

In the meantime, this can be done in all flavors of Ubuntu, by going to the System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. Then adding a new key combination.

Accepting Donations

I have used this app for a while now. You should consider setting up some way for people to send donations conveniently. I'm not sure how many users you have, but this is really the kind of personal app that one is willing to send a small donation after having used it every day for a while. If you do set up some kind of donation thing, I was planning around €25 (roughly the the price of a similar commercial application). I hate overly imposing donation messages though, so please just have a simple donation link on the web page and one menu option after "about…", you know what I mean.

Thanks, but not planned. —Ahmet


Including pictures is a good idea. Possibly the inclusion of file attachments say for example i viewed a web page that day and wanted the info available beyond the lifespan of the page i could print it to pdf and attach it to diary and reference it.

It is very convenient indeed but it has a couple of downsides too. Lifeograph should not end up being an offline content management system (CMS). Support for file attachments will be implemented to some degree after 1.0 milestone. That said, I still think that this is a feature rather prone to misuse. —Ahmet

Relative path instead of full path.

I like the fact of linking pictures on 0.11.1, but the problem I found is that full path is used, so If I need to move the diary, I should fix links manually. I propose to use relative path instead, as mostly I am putting the pictures in a folder "pictures" beside my diary file. So if a diary is moved, no problem should happen. Thank you. —José.

Already possible. Use rel:// prefix. Such as rel://pictures/picture1.jpg. rel:/ expands to the directory of the diary.

Tag cloud

It would be really cool if you could make a tag cloud, where instead of listing only the tags on your note, have a cloud, and click on a tag to add it. Double click to be taken to a list of pages with a tag. And tap a tag again to remove a note. When on a journal page, with a tag, color that tag differently.

Lifeograph is all about organizing data. A Tag cloud as a representation of data is not very helpful in that mission.


Please add a 'undo' feature to the text entry, I had written a complete diary page and deleted it accidentally and I cannot recover back all the text.

As of 0.5.4 you can undo in entries but undo history is reset when another entry is selected. Undoing an entry deletion and any other operation than text editing has not been implemented yet but will be in the upcoming releases. Till then backup files might help (your current changes saved in your diary's folder with a .~backup~ suffix in its name, every 30 seconds). —ahmet

Similar applications

Zim provides everything you seems to plan except it does not have a journal view. So the question is whether it is better to directly fork it to gain time, or provide a plugin (zim supports plugin) or add missed features directly to Zim.

I want Lifeograph to be a very specialized tool, so neither approach seems feasible to me. I have used zim and still use tomboy heavily for many purposes but keeping a journal. —Ahmet

Dropbox integration

This will probably be added when plugins are created, but would it be possible to directly sync with dropbox? Just plopping the file in my dropbox folder works great (so far) but i think a lot of people would like be able to auto-create a diary in their dropbox.

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