The information here is outdated. Please refer to the Lifeograph Manual for Lifeograph versions >= 0.9.


First paragraphs (i. e. any text before the first line break) are formatted as heading.
Paragraphs starting with a space character (" ") are formatted as subheading.
Any text between two asterisks("*") are formatted as bold. e.g. Look at the *emphasized part* of the text!
Any text between two underscores("_") are formatted as italic. e.g. Why do you _lean_ forward?
Any text between two equals signs("=") are formatted as strike-through. e.g. =canceled out=

Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Log out Ctrl + Escape
Go to the previous entry in the list Ctrl + Page Down
Go to the next entry in the list Ctrl + Page Up
Go to the previous entry in browsing history Alt + Left
Go to today Ctrl + D
Jump to current entry in the list Ctrl + J
Focus tagging control Ctrl + T
Focus filtering control Ctrl + F
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Text editing
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Strike-through Ctrl + S
Highlight Ctrl + H
Indent (0.7.3) Alt + I
Unindent (0.7.3) Alt + U
Toggle visibility of comments (0.7.5) Alt + C
Action Shortcut


If you indent the line, either by Alt-I or <tab>, you can create different kinds of lists depending on the first character you type:

  • Bulleted lists by typing '*'.
  • Enumerated lists by typing a number followed by '.', ')', or '-'.
  • Checkboxed lists by typing '[]'.


Chapter system is a means of organizing entries according to phases in our lives. Grouping entries in chapters makes it easier to manage diaries with hundreds of entries.

Chapters themselves are grouped in so called Chapter Categories, to allow unlimited grouping schemes according to different aspects of life.

e.g. one can create a chapter category called Jobs with chapters for companies she has worked for and another one called Places that contains chapters for cities she has lived in.

Diary Versions

Lifeograph versions and diary versions they support are as follows:

Lifeograph Versions Readable Diary Version(s) Saved Diary Version
0.5.6 - 0.6.4 37-56 56
0.7.0 51-56 56
0.7.1, 0.7.2 56 56
0.7.3 56, 73 73
0.7.4 - 0.10.0 56, 73, 74 74
0.11.0 56, 73, 74, 110 110

Backup Files

Lifeograph saves two backup files. Both are saved in the same directory as the diary file. Their names are <DIARYNAME>.~backup~ and <DIARYNAME>.~previousversion~. The first one is saved twice a minute during a login session and contains all unsaved changes up to that time. The second one is saved at log-out and is simply a backup of the diary before the last editing session.

<DIARYNAME>.~backup~ is useful to recover unsaved changes after crashes. When a recovery is needed, it is vital to create a copy of this file first before starting any new session with the actual diary file. Because the backup file will get overwritten during the new session.

<DIARYNAME>.~previousversion~ can be used to revert changes made in the last editing session.

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