lifeograph has all the basic features one might expect from a diary program and a few more:

  • supports encrypted (with real encryption) and unencrypted diaries
  • automatically logs out when not used for some time (to protect your diary when you forget to log out doing some other thing) (optional)
  • automatically formats entry titles and subheadings (we owe thanks to tomboy for the idea)
  • wiki-like rich text formatting (*bold*, _italic_, =strikeout=, etc…)
  • basic searching/filtering and replacing text
  • themes in text editor
  • favorite entries
  • entries that can be marked as to-do items
  • entry tagging
  • spell checking
  • links between entries
  • links in URI form (http://, file://, mailto://, etc…)
  • automatic backups
  • printing individual entries or whole diaries
  • basic statistical charts
  • image thumbnails in entries

in future releases expect to have:

  • file attachments in diaries
  • plug-ins
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