Diary File Reference [IN PROGRESS]

Please note that specifications below are only applicable to the unencrypted diary files.

version 56

(used in Lifeograph versions from 0.5.6 to 0.7.2)

1. General Information

A Lifeograph Diary file consists of two sections: header and body. While general characteristics of the file are listed in the header section, Body section contains the entries in the diary. Most of the Information in the diary is represent in the Identifier-Value pairs. Each pair is a single line and lines should be delimited with "\n" (new line character).

1.1 Identifiers

Identifiers are two char long strings that specify meaning of data blocks in Lifeograph diaries. Data blocks are delimited with identifiers and new line chars. Identifiers are case-sensitive.

1.2 Strings

Any one-liner text i.e. a text without the "\n" (new line) character.

1.3 Dates

Lifeograph uses a special date format which allows storing year, month, and day of an entry along with its order in the day in a 32 bit integer.

2. Header

First line of every Lifeograph diary has to be


to indicate the file type. The rest of the header consists of Identifier-Value pairs that specify general properties of a Lifeograph diary. The order of the
Identifier Possible Values1 Description
V<space> "56" File version
E<space> "yes", "no" Is the diary encrypted?
T<space> string A tag definition2
S<space> string A chapter set definition
C<space> string A chapter definition for the last defined chapter set
d<space> date Start date of the last defined chapter

3. Body

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