What exactly is this infamous password bug?

Lifeograph 0.5.6 causes newly created diaries to be encrypted even when no password is set.
Bug report is here: http://bugs.launchpad.net/lifeograph/+bug/577848
This is a somewhat widespread problem because although it did not take too long to get fixed (in version 0.6.1), the version in the official Ubuntu Lucid repositories is 0.5.6.

This bug does not affect diaries created with older versions of Lifeograph, nor will you be affected if you add a password at the first login, just after the diary is created.

To be safe, always use the latest version of the program.


If you have a diary affected by this bug you should fix it in order to be able to use it (safely). Using latest version of Lifeograph does not fix affected diaries.

Fixing is easy and can even be done in 0.5.6.

First, you have to open the diary to be fixed. Lifeograph will ask for a password. Just enter anything up to 3 characters. It should be accepted. Then you have two options to choose from:

a- If you want your diary to be actually encrypted, set a real password for it. i.e. after logging in click to "Tools->Change Password…" and add a password.

b- If you don't, after logging in, click to "Tools->Export/Backup Current Diary…" and select "Unencrypted Diary File" as the type in the dialog that will show up. After that use this newly created copy.

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